About DIST

Why study with us

Daffodil Institute of Science and Technology (DIST) is a National University affiliated Institute and a proud member of Daffodil Family. DIST is a springing Institute with rapid growth and full of possibilities where the future and career development skills are given huge concern. DIST has an affordable, inexpensive and flexible orientation toward study costs, so you can get the best while paying the least.



Professional BBA under NU

What to expect

Though we are new, we have the vision from the experts. We have students coming from different backgrounds, cultures, and Stata. The female students are given higher importance as a process of women empowerment.


We make sure all our students get the help they need to complete the degree. Scholarships are available for students with excellent academic results as well as for the students who are struggling financially.

 Our Strengths:

a. Specialized and experienced group of Faculties

b. Permanent campus in the heart of Uttara Model Town

c. Multimedia classrooms of state of the art technology

d. In house Computer lab open to students 24/7

e. In house short term free medical facilities available to students 24/7

f. Open counselling desk for the students in need

g. Transportation for student who resides far from campus

h. Specially designed courses that includes BCS and IELTS preparation within the syllabus

i. A campus free from drugs,
eve-teasing and smoking