Message of the Principal

Welcome to the Daffodil Institute of Science Technology (DIST), operating under the country’s biggest public university National University (NU). During my prolonged career as an educator in the country’s education management, I have felt the necessity of ensuring quality education. Reflecting on that viewpoint, I along with my colleagues established DIST where quality education will be delivered from the country’s brightest minds and make teaching and learning an interesting process.
DIST is a result of our hard work and a mindset to transform the idea of teaching-learning experiences in the country and for that reason; it has become one of the best institutions under NU which is offering honors’ courses in BBA, CSE . To ensure quality education and learning environment under the curriculum of the National University and section 4 of ‘Sustainable Development Goal’ laid by the UN, the Daffodil Institute of Science and Technology (DIST) pledges to undertake whatever means are vital; from practical teaching approaches to suitable infrastructural establishments. DIST strongly believes that quality teaching-learning practices and environment can be made possible from within our country as we have the most prolific and smartest academics who have completed various projects at home and around the world. The brightest minds need a drive or motivation to take teaching as an esteemed profession so that they can help to foster more brilliant ones.
I hope your journey towards success begins at DIST and contribute to the country’s knowledge resources. I wish you good health and the best of luck in your academic journey.

Masud Karim                                                                                                    Principal                                                                                                              Daffodil Institute of Science & Techmology