Sadia Zahid Oyshi
Head of the Department
About Ms. Sadia Zahid Oyshi

Sadia Zahid Oyshi is an academic and education enthusiast working on the field of education for more than 6 years. She is currently working as an Assistant Professor & the Head of the Department (BBA) of DIST. Sadia is one of the toppers of Jahangirnagar University, holds an MPhil from the University of Malaya and currently working on succeeding a PhD degree abroad.

Area of Study

Communication, Creative Writing, Cultural Studies, Behaviorism


Sadia Zahid Oyshi is an active Participant of Student welfare program of DIST, supporting and innovating ways to promote education to maximum. Outreaching the NU syllabus, she has undertaken ‘out of the syllabus’ skill development courses for free, to promote professional skills of DIST students. She is currently working on pioneering an active research cell and creating research enthusiasm among students.


Having the background of literature & language, Sadia works as the bridge for students and faculties, getting them to maximize the participation in productive communication. Her experience in teaching pays off on the classrooms, seminars and professional counseling.